1. All  black belts  must  be  addressed by their  proper  titles:Senpai (senior),      Sensei  (teacher), or Shihan (master instructor). NO FIRST NAMES

.2. The gi (uniform) is to be carried in a neat and unwrinkled fashion

.3. Students must maintain a high standard of personal hygiene

.4. Students must have footwear and a shirt when entering the dojo

.5. Remove shoes, jacket, and hat when entering the dojo

.6. Bow and say, “osu” when entering the dojo or when entering or leavingthe workout area

.7. Greet instructors with a bow and say, “osu” (I will push myself). One bow is all that is needed when facing a group of instructors

.8. Stand and bow when a black belt enters the room

.9. Students sitting on sidelines must sit quietly

.10. Always carry yourself upright; no leaning or laying down

.11. No talking after the command to line up, without permission

.12. Unless you are injured during a drill, wait to raise your hand andask questions until the class is returned to the rest position

. 13. When corrected, acknowledge by bowing and saying, “hai” (yes) or”osu”

.14. No jewelry should be worn in class

.15. Keep toenails and fingernails trimmed and clean

.16. Do not use foul or slang language in dojo

.17. “Yeah”, “Hey”, and “I can’t” are undesirable in the dojo

.18. No smoking on the premises

.19. If you have to go more than three steps – “run”

.20. No working out under the influence of drugs or alcohol

.21. Inform the instructor before class is you are sick, injured, ortaking medication

.22. Call if unable to attend classes.  If no one answers, leave a messageon the answering machine

.23. Before leaving the dojo bow and say “kaerimasu” (I will go) or     “Oyasumi nasai” (Good Night)

.24. The cleanliness of the dojo is the responsibility of everyone

. 25. No gum when working out in the dojo

.26. When working out with another, bow and say, “Onegaeshimasu”     (Please work with me) and afterwards, bow and say, “Arigatogozaimashita” (Thank you)

.27. If an accident occurs with a partner bow and say, “Gomen nasai”     (I’m sorry)

.28. Do not use etiquette for which you have no feeling of respect

.29. If leaving the line, pass behind students, do not pass betweeninstructor and students

.30. If you get equipment out, return it to its proper place when you arefinished

.31. If you make a mess, clean it up

.32. If you see the instructor in public, use normal polite greeting as youwould any other adult

.33. Do not touch the student next to you, if you are too close, move

.34. If a class is in session, maintain quiet in back room or on mats

.35. Bow before passing through another class

.36. Refrain from passing through another class, often

.37. When in line, people on ends must move out to allow middle linepeople space

.38. Belt and uniform must be worn with care

.39. Uniforms should be washed at least once a week or sooner if smellingbad.

40. When coming late to your class, warm up on the end after doing tenpush-ups. When warm-ups are finished, move to your proper place in line.